As an International freight forwarder, Asia Overseas Transport Co.,lnc. provides the link in the chain of international movement of goods between countries and continents. By means of proper choice of transfer routes and carrier, AOTCI enables the goods to reach the consignee fast, in good condition and in the most economical way.

Export service starts from the assistance in obtaining an export license, booking and shipping arrangement with a competent and reliable airline or shipping company. Proper documentation and paying special attention to details of the letter of credit requirements and government export regulations to close monitoring of shipments, through constant communications with overseas agents at ports of destination.

In order to obtain the best possible service, AOTCI airfreight and sea freight divisions maintain close relations and good rapport with shipping and airline companies, road haulers, container terminals, customs authorities and insurance companies.

Exporters are assured of personalized service through close supervision and proper care in cargo handling from dispatch of goods up to arrival to its destination.